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Anonymous: Do you have any Sugar Daddy Narry and Ziam?


Narry -

Face To Face and Heart To Heart - Lonie (Harry/Niall, Louis/Zayn)

An American au where Harry is running for California state governer and Niall is his seven years younger pretty little boyfriend who likes girly stuff and gets spoiled by Harry constantly.

Plus Harry has issues like really fucked up issues and is a controlling bastard and sometimes says really mean things to Niall and makes him cry, but loves him very much. (sugardaddy!harry, sugarbaby!niall, sub!niall, subspace, breathplay, feminine!niall)

Waiting For Master - blahblahblahxxiv (Harry/Niall)

Niall is anxiously waiting for his 28 years old boyfriend, Harry Styles to return home after a very, very, very, very long day of laying in bed and just being tortured and teased. (master!harry, sorta sugar!daddy, younger!niall, age!difference, toys, overstimulation, crying, bondage)

Ziam -

You come along because I love your face (and i’ll admire your expensive taste) - justgowiththeflow (Liam/Zayn) (WIP)

When he walked around stores like Gucci and Burberry on Liam’s arm and was told to pick out anything he wanted, Zayn didn’t really feel the need to support himself.

Auction me off - Romancemesomeziam (Liam/Zayn)

When CEO Liam meets a young Zayn and can’t help but be enthralled by his amazing beauty, but there’s more to their relationships than physicality.

Type A - burymeinziam

in which zayn is young and pretty and Liam doesn’t usually do these things.

- Morn


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